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Who are the slaves?

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This article explains the various types of slavery today.

Most people think that slavery has ended by now.  Well, the truth is, there are millions of slaves working right now.  Slavery has existed for thousands of years, and the meaning is the same:  one person controlling another one.  Still, slavery has changed in some ways.
One of the differences between modern and old slavery is the price of the slaves.  In old slavery, slaves were sold by a slave owner or in an auction.  In both of these, the slave's price was expensive.  Now, slaves are worth less money because the amount of slaves in the world has increased.  Today slaves are disposable; if they get injured, sick, or are not able to work, they are dumped or killed.  It is cheaper for the slave owner to let them die if they get sick instead of paying medicine, because treatment costs more than a slave.
Being a slave in old slavery depended a lot on race, religion, tribe, skin color and economic class (wealth and power).  Today, predators (slave owners) look for any kind of slaves.  The way they get slaves most of the time is by tricking them.  Some predators might trick poor people by telling them that if they go with them they will have a better life.  Most predators promise a better life with education in more developed countries.
There are three types of slavery:  chattel slavery, debt bondage, and contract slavery.  In chattel slavery a person is captured and forced to work.  Debt bnodage is when a person borrows money from someone an doffers him or herself to work for an amount of time until the degt is paid.  If the debtor ddi not finish paying the debt, their children have to work for an amount of time until the debt is paid.  If they do something worng int heir work, the salve owners might increase the amount the slave has to pay back, thereby increasing the time of work.  In some cases, the parents might make their chidlren work for someoen, so they can borrow money.  The last type of slavery is contract slavery.  This is when a person is tricked into signing a contract that guarantees employmetn in factories or workshops.  However, the workers end up being treated as slaves.

By Carola

Disposable People by Kevin Bales

Carola's self-portrait
The background is dark and it has chains because slaves are not free, the colors are sad.

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