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The Freedom Project Middle School E-Zine

Lesson Plans and Community Service Projects

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This page makes available MIDDLE GRADES (ages 11-14) lesson plans and community service project ideas or experiences, contributed by educators that focus on developing knowledge and understanding of the causes and effects of slavery today.


NetAid:  Teaching Global Poverty, Access to Education
Foreign policy lessons from Frontline and National Geographic

Do Something.ORG Table of Youth Service Awards These awards recognize outstanding community service projects and individuals' contributions to making our world a better place.
Hands On Network:  see what opportunities there are to start changing the world in your own community!

Please submit your lesson plans with the following:
1. Objective clearly stated.
2.  Any resources necessary to successfully complete the lesson.
3.  Clearly stated step-by-step instructions for the lesson plan.
4.  Time frame for the completion of this lesson.
5.  A rubric if any assessment of student work is involved.
6.  Any exemplars or actual student work as models.
Submit all materials as Word Document or PDF to

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