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Your voice- tell us how you are inspired
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So what will you do now that you know?

Are you going to share this with your friends?  Are you going to tell your teacher about this?  Are you an educator that intends to submit student work?  What is your next step?

Some responses:

"The first thing that comes to mind when I think of "slavery" is "1865", the year the civil war officially ended this devastating practice in America.  This well-researched and informative website sent me "back to school", and the Glasgow Middle School class of 2013 offers beautiful but serious reminders of the problems that continue to persist today.  More importantly, they have taken the important next step of doing something about it with community service projects and eduational efforts."

-Greg M, Seattle, WA, USA

We are collecting lesson plans and community service ideas.  Additionally, we encourage youth and educators alike to gain inspiration to take action by visiting Free the Children, which is an outstanding example of how youth can and do make significant differences in the world. 

"I went and looked at the responsible shopper link.  I'm going to stop buying Nestle chocolate products until Nestle refuses to do business from countries that exploit children to harvest cocoa."
-Mitch M, Boston, MA, USA
Don't Buy Nestle Until Nestle Buys Fair Trade
According to Global Exchange, Nestle is the third largest exporter of cocoa from regions affected by forced and abusive child labor. As both a leading exporter of cocoa from the Ivory Coast and manufacturer of chocolate products for consumption around the world, Nestle owes a special responsibility to consumers to ensure that its cocoa is no longer produced using forced and abusive child labor. Send a message to Nestle to demand justice for cocoa child laborers. Click on the URL below to act now.
"I will definitely take the time to research the contact links you included and share the info. with the kids and see where it takes us.  We (as in my family), know so little about worldwide slavery- especially child slavery, because it's not brought been to our attention, or rather PLACED in front of us, until now.  Ignorance is a poor excuse, and we are no longer ignorant..."
-Jessie K., Rock Hill, SC, USA
The contact links include a brief description of the services or resources provided by each organization.
"I've known about this subject for sometime now, but I've never really talked about it with anyone.  That will change.  I will now share what I've learned with my peers.  Everyone needs to be aware of this.  With awareness comes change."
-Veronica H., Alexandria, VA, USA

For a list of activities for youth involvement or for organizing youth involvement, see FREE THE CHILDREN's "Get Involved."


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