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The Freedom Project Middle School E-Zine

Submission Requirements Rubric
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There will be no reimbursement or payment of any kind for submissions.
For lesson plan submissions, please see Lesson Plans and Community Service Projects.

Based SOL and IBMYP objectives.
What the expectations are.
Pieces that match this additional criteria will be featured on our homepage.
  1. complete sentences
  2. purpose/point
  3. tone/voice
  4. grammar
  5. spelling
Must have 3 out of 4
  • The main idea is clear.
  • Sentences are understandable.
  • There are few or no spelling errors.
  • Any grammar mistakes don't make this confusing.
  • Your main idea is supported wtih facts and details.
  • Your choice of vocabulary and tone is appropriate for middle school readers.
  1. topic/theme
  2. detail
  3. analysis of information (what does it all mean?)
  4. use of facts/detail as support of analysis
  5. imagination and creativity
Must have 3 out of 4 
  • Your topic supports our mission to educate and inspire others to do something about slavery today.
  • The details you provide are helpful and informative.
  • You make statements about the facts and details you researched.
  • Any creative piece shows imagination and sensitivity.
  • You provide a variety of facts and details that allow the reader to have a full understanding of your topic.
  • All of your statements/points are supported by detail.
ALL entries must include references in "www" form to be hyperlinked!
All major facts have citations in parenthesis right after them.
There are web sites or books listed at the end of the article for further reading or as general citations.

You may email your submissions to Ms. Loop at

All submissions welcome.

ONLY submissions that meet criteria will be posted.  Archives will be updated periodically as new submissions are posted.

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