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The Freedom Project Middle School E-Zine

Who we are

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This ezine is produced by students and educators at Glasgow Middle School, Fairfax County, Virginia.  We are a group of concerned students and teachers that believe "it only takes one" to make a major change for the better.

Dr. Robert Harrison - (IBMYP Coordinator)
Christine Loop - (History Teacher) I'm really proud of the work the kids have done on this website!  YEH!  I first got the idea for a project about modern abolition as a US History teacher.  When we study the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, and consequent centuries of slavery in American history, my students inevitably ask, "Is there slavery today?"  This question is so complex, because it requires both a vertical reflection on humanity (since recorded time!) as well as a horizontal examination of our global community.  So I took a chance, organized a group, and asked them what they wanted to do.  This is what we have come up with.  Our motto is, "Now that you know, what will you do?"
Gus Guthrie- (Art Teacher)
Class of 2013
Quyen:  "I wanted to meet people that have the same interest as me, and I wanted to learn about something new.  This project interests me because it's something that you don't hear about everyday."
Carola:  "I wanted to join this project to be able to help people by getting other people to know, and so they can help us too."
Celina:  "People should know that there are still slaves in the world, even the United States.  You can see our website and get more information so you can help to end slavery."
Rachel:  "I wanted to join this project because I thought it would be a fun way t help change the world, by just starting this would help a lot."


Abolition Today is based at and maintained by Glasgow Middle School, Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia.  For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact our Webmaster!