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The Freedom Project Middle School E-Zine

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The purpose of this ezine is to inform others about the realities of slavery today, and inspire them to take action to change those conditions and end destitution worldwide.

Slavery didn’t disappear with the Civil War and the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S.Constitution. From the earliest human civilizations right though to our own time, people have enslaved each other. The slave trade has changed over the centuries, but forced labor remains a global problem afflicting every creed and culture.

Complex, interconnected systems of beliefs, economics, social values create the conditions that lead to modern-day slavery. Root causes of prejudice, poverty, and corruption all play a part.

As free people, and as educators committed to providing all children with high-quality schools, we have a responsibility to be informed. And we must make our voices heard in the call to rid our world once and for all of slavery.

For students and educators, it is our responsibility to both appreciate the education we are receiving or have received, and use our skills and voices to provide freedom and opportunity to others.  To do this, we must start with informing and inspiring ourselves.

See John Bersia's article "Where are the abolitionists?" from the Daily Press.



What can you do right now?
from the International
Confederation of Free Trade Unions

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