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"Future generations will look back and judge our choices and be inspired or disappointed."

When people look back

When people look back at us
what will they think?
Will they be disappointed
and let their shoulders sink?
Or will they smile
and be proud of their yesterdays?
Will they follow our examples
and our triumphant ways?
When people look back at us
what will they think?
And what are you doing to help?
What are you doing to help?
Sweatshops to work in every hour
Living with nothing to look forward to
And you feel so worthless, not empowered
Very unfair routines you're forced to do
Everyone is trying to help you out
Really we're trying to spread the word
You will be free soon without a doubt
by Rachel

This poem was inspired by the quote from Not for Sale, available on the Amazing Change website.

In harsh conditions
in sweatshops all day and night
you dream of freedom

Rachel's self-portrait
I was trying to make myself look upset about slavery.

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