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The Freedom Project Middle School E-Zine

IBMYP Objectives
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  1. Students will develop an appreciation of their freedoms preserved by the U.S. Constitution, with special attention given to free public education through high school.
    •  IBMYP Humanities Objective (A) Knowledge

    • IBMYP Humanities Objective (B) Concepts:  Systems


  1. Students will develop an appreciation of the importance of individual contributions to global issues, with emphasis on past and present abolitionists.
    • IBMYP Humanities Objective (B) Concepts:  Global Awareness

  2. Students will actively participate in the creation and implementation of a service learning project.
    • IBMYP Humanities Objective (C) Skills:  Analytical, Decision-Making, Investigative and (D) Organization

    • IBMYP Language A (C) Content and (C) Style and Language Usage

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